December 5th 2013

The Predictive Sales Summit is an exclusive event for Enterprise Sales thought leaders and operators. Machine Learning Algorithms and Predictive Analytics have been used to power sales at companies like Amazon and Google for years, but now this technology is being used by more and more sales organizations. Learn how to increase revenue and optimize your sales organization and meet other sales leaders already doing so.
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Norman Happ - VP of Sales at Intuit

With more than 5 million small business customers and revenue exceeding $1.4 billion, Norm leads a sales organization that depends on data to be successful.

Aaron Ross - Developed Outbound Sales at Salesforce

Author of "Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices Of". Developed outbound sales at Salesforce and now advises companies how to grow much faster with predictability.

Jim Fowler - Founder and CEO of Owler

Founder and CEO of Jigsaw until it was acquired by Salesforce in May, 2010. Jim is now the Founder CEO of Owler and serves on the Board of Directors for Crowdflower. Jigsaw is best known for pioneering Crowdsourcing in the B2B information industry and for creating the business category of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Tim Piatenko - Chief Data Scientist at

Chief Data Scientist at, previously at Badgeville, Zynga and eBay. An expert in Data Mining via a variety of database technologies, development of custom and automated reports and dashboards that track important user behaviors and essential business metrics, Data Visualization and Statistical Analysis.

Doug Camplejohn - Founder and CEO of Fliptop

Founder and CEO of three startups: Myplay (digital music locker, acquired by Bertelsmann), Mi5 (web security gateway, acquired by Symantec) and Fliptop (Predictive Analytics for Sales and Marketing). Doug is a 20+ year veteran of Silicon Valley, starting his career at Apple Computer after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA.

Tom Mills - VP of Sales at Radius

Tom has spent his career in the technology industry and has recently held sales leadership roles covering many Google products, including Enterprise Search, Google Maps and Google Apps. In 2011, Tom took a new role leading Google's team responsible for bringing Google Apps, Chromebooks and more to the Education market. Tom now leads the Radius sales team.

Jacco van der Kooij

Jacco is a SaaS Sales guru. He currently advises Totango on strategy and also runs the Future of Sales is Now, which is a consultancy specializing in next generation sales techniques.

Dr Demetri Spanos

Demetri is the CEO and Founder of a Stealth Data Science company. His expertise iclude designing, implementing, deploying, and optimizing mathematical modeling and machine learning software. He is also a visiting Professor at USC.

John Mount

John Mount is the author of "Practical Data Science with R" and has held data science research positions with eBay, Bank of America, and Kosmix that was recently acquired by Walmart. His speciality is analysis and design of algorithms, with an emphasis on efficient implementation.

Andrew Savitz - VP of Worldwide Marketing at KXEN

KXEN was recently acquired by SAP. Before KXEN Andy has worked at companies including Salesforce, Oracle. Goldman Sachs, and Accenture. He is an expert in CRM and SaaS marketing strategies.

One Kearny Club Conference Center

San Francisco, CA